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Guide of groups

Enjoy the different seasons of the seasons・・・

In front of the Dazaifu and Shishimokan, bamboo decorated with red plum and white plums continues. The plum is a famous place · Dazaifu unique breakfast scenery and fragrance breaks are also one of them. The main building and the annex capacity of 500 guests together is the largest space in Dazaifu. Also, for group customers, we have received high popularity such as set meal, set in the curtain, set meal with water, inside the curtain inside. We are waiting for everyone 's visit with a wide selection of souvenirs including famous Umega branch cake and Hakata doll in the hall.

For Korean tourists

 For foreign tourists

Overseas customer menu












※ Pickles and soup for free only.

※ Umega branch cake is available separately at a charge.

※ We will receive 500 yen as crew meal fee.

※ Since there are other menus, please consult.

※ The contents may differ slightly depending on the season.

Reason for choosing Shishimokan

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine From Main Hall "About 1 minute on foot" Good access!

Travel agency, Group customers welcome! Area maximum 500 people Corresponding meal

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine After your visit to the main shrine From the exit on the right side opposite the main hall It is about 1 minute on foot and it is Shitoukan.

The area with a maximum of 500 people Corresponding meal service. Popular with group customers! The souvenir corner is also substantial.

After all it is tasty! Fukuoka Dazaifu specialty

"Umegake branchi"

Speaking of Dazaifu Fukuoka Prefecture Shrimp with Japanese plums engraved. 'Umegae branch cooperative association' authorized store

Those who are considering using the travel agency and organizations, Please inquire once. 【Contact: Kano]

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